Black And Blue is a registered charity set up to find weird, wonderful or just plain workable ways to promote non-violence to anyone who will listen.

We have paid for high risk victims to escape, for trafficked families to have their first safe nights sleep in their own bedding and for victims of honour based violence to stay safe.


If you would like to work with us in any capacity don't be afraid to get in touch. We are particularly interested in reaching children and people who might not otherwise hear our message through social media. We love to Tweet!


Education programming and training courses are great (and we do those too), but we think that there are lots of visual, virtual and fun ways to influence people. Along the way we also raise funds and working with partners directly help or just bring a smile to people affected by domestic and sexual violence, hate crime and abuse. We are pretty good at helping people at risk get to safety or to stay safe with your help. 

A huge thank you to some of our recent funders:

Our wonderful patron Beccy Owen 

The Cooperative Community Fund,

Give As You LiveThe Harlequin Pub Sheffield



And to all those lovely people who have put their hands in their pockets, filled Panda Pots, donated spare cash, given away present money and raided the piggy banks. Panda thanks you all... 

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