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Black And Blue is a registered charity set up to find ways to promote non-violence to anyone who will listen and help as many people affected by domestic violence and abuse as we can.

We may be small but we achieve big things with very little money, no paid staff and few resources. We are very proud that last year, nearly 97% of our income went directly to people who needed it. 

Our focus is to send vital items to providers of services that protect adults and children. Last year we sent out thousands of items of toiletries, cleaning products, crockery, cutlery and towels.


To help meet the hygiene needs of residents in shared accommodation during the pandemic, we supplied face masks and hand sanitiser. To help manage isolation, we sent disposable crockery, cutlery and cups. We really want to thank the residents of refuges that helped deal with deliveries when staff could not attend on site. We also want to thank the wonderful staff working in domestic abuse services across the U.K who help us to get stuff to their residents. You were amazing.


As part of our Safe Nights project we refreshed the bedding in several refuges. We also did some other stuff, such as helping pay for high risk victims to flee and funding safe pre-paid phones.

A lot of our income comes from people donating small amounts online or at events held to support us. We really want to thank our wonderful patron our wonderful patron Beccy Owen 

Last year was a very busy year for us and we helped more services, more people and sent out more goods than ever before. We were hugely helped by the amazing grants from LNER Customer and Community Investment Fund  and the Chapman Charitable Trust. We also want to thank In Kind Direct who have helped us to do so much more with our funds. 


© 2013 by Black and Blue Charitable Company, Registered Charity Number 1155743. All rights reserved.

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