Domestic Violence is Pants

This is one of Panda’s favourite projects. At Black and Blue, we know that it's hard to feel good about yourself when you have had a really hard time because of abuse or violence. So, if you are a UK or Irish registered charity helping people flee from trafficking, forced marriage, honour killing, and domestic or sexual violence. We have given away over 6,000 pairs since we started. 

Just £2 buys a pair of pants to help a victim of violence or abuse feel better about themselves. Small pain, big gain! You don’t need a paypal account to donate to us now and it’s easy to set up a repeat payment. That way for just £2 a month you can supply a whole small refuge by yourself.

"[These items] are a necessity but so luxurious and precious to the women.

As you are aware the women fleeing home will leave with very little, even nothing". 

Refuge for women fleeing Domestic Violence

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