Last year we gave away 4,636 items of toiletries and helpful bits and bobs to services offering a safe place or means of escape for those affected by domestic violence and abuse. Most are women and children who turn up with nothing at all. So... having something nice, bubbly and free is not only a treat but also much needed. 

"The beauty products will help the women gain self esteem and make them feel a little bit more human".

Refuge for women fleeing domestic violence (S.Yorks)

"The toiletry items delivered to the refuge will make a huge difference to the women and children.. Often families will arrive [...] without any items apart from the clothes they were wearing that day."

Refuge for women fleeing domestic violence (Midlands)

For every 1p that you give to us we can give away 


worth of much needed goods 

The rest of our funding/ support
comes entirely from our wonderful
small donors who give us their spare change, regular donations or who shop online through our shopping partner GIVE AS YOU LIVE and raise money for us for free.. yes free to you. 

We all worry about what charities do with

our money. At Black and Blue we share your concerns. We can reassure you that we have no paid staff, no head office costs and our overheads are published in our annual report for all to see. Last year we spent 95% of donated cash on real people needing real help. 

Join our donors today and watch this space as we spend nearly every penny that you donate go to those who need it most. 

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