What we do 

Black and Blue is a small UK registered charity started by some friends who wanted to make the point that hurting people won't make you loved or liked. We want to get our message out to everyone and to support services that help victims of abuse and violence, including domestic and sexual violence.


We got started with a small pot of money and a lot of inspiration from David Clark (a much loved relative of one of our trustees).



Black and Blue raises money to directly help people affected by violence with useful stuff. We do this by teaming up with recognised charities and services who offer direct support to victims. We make a big difference with small stuff and specialise in helping refuges and safe houses with stuff they need most that they struggle to fund. 

Just to give you an idea ... we have bought phones for trafficked women, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel as part of our Bubble Aid Project for women fleeing domestic violence and nice warm PJ's for their children. We help staff working to get people at high risk to safety quickly - its hard to do that when you have no access to money or other help. We have paid for taxi and rail fares and sometimes a safe place to stay for a night for a family at very high risk. 

Sometimes we do something just to make people affected by violence smile. For example, our Domestic Violence is Pants campaign gives free new underwear to victims of violence regardless of gender. Having underwear that isn't associated with bad stuff is a nice thing to do for people who have had a bad time and helps them settle in to a new life.



We look for interesting and attractive ways to get the idea across that violence is wrong. We love visual, virtual and variable ways to reach people and we are really interested in getting our message of non-violence across to everyone from adults to children. Panda is everything we hope to be: approachable, popular and cuddly. Panda drives our campaign.​ 


Join more than 7,000 people who follow us on social media and see what we do, day in and day out.. 





Last year we did some amazing things. By making friends

with a number of agencies we directly helped people

escape to safety and supplied some vital things to refuges

across the UK. 








To find out exactly what we did with the money

donated to us last year just CLICK THE PANDA 

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