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We send a range of things to refuges and safe houses. 


Refuges are shared spaces and so doing laundry for lots of families, cleaning a lot of bathrooms and toilets uses up valuable funds.


We have replaced past it kettles, ancient irons and other small appliances past their use by date. We also supply crockery and cutlery. 

Other stuff

Nice new plates

Keeping the tea flowing

Babies need refuge too

Helping refuges scrub up

Safe phones or credit

Soft new towels

Sometimes babies turn up in refuges before Mum's can move into a more settled home. We have supplied cots, bedding and prams to help them out. 

Perpetrators of domestic abuse often use phones to track and find victims of abuse and violence. We have supplied phones with credit to give to people at risk who need a safe phone. 

And who doesn't love a soft new towel?


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